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Knocking on Heaven's Gates: An Outline

Reflections on Immanuel Kant's Kingdom of Ends in the Age of Computers

Will we ever have to consider computers as rational beings?

Someone has said philosophy deals with subjects we don't really know how to think about.

Other people in other eras have faced similar issues...

Debate over reason, mind, and soul in the 18th Century.

Why Kant?

A Note on Mimicry.


What you see is what you get.

Mindful behavior and the irony of explanation.

Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals

How is it possible that Will and Reason can conspire?

Kant's Choice of Words

The Categorical Imperative

Reason can move us to act.

Reason requires more of us than resonableness

Reason and the Will to act.

Reason as exercised by Ends-in-Themselves

To summarize Kant's views so far...

Mystery As Reason's Boundary


Kant's reason is not arid...

Open Questions.

The notion that there are rules...

My original question.

Specify it.

Applying Kant.

What Kant tells us.

Beyond Kant.

Being as Separation. Consciousness as Duality.
An Entity may appear.

What about amoebas?

If we place our finger in its path...

Responsive signals whose clarity we can grasp.

Being as Agency, Consciousness in Action, and its Evolution.
Being implies life. We experience the world as alive or not-alive, but not both at the same time.

Applying consciousness-as-agency to a machine is uncomfortable.

Shedding light into the twilight zone between existence and non-existence.

Life-in-the-making. There are problems with precision...

The Equivalence of Being and Consciousness.
My Choice of Words.
Looking for Evidence of Being-as-Agency

A Summation and Sketch for a Proposal of Evidence

The State of the Question

The Sketch

The Consequences


Created 3/9/99.

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