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2/10/2010: EIght years later, Content Management Software (CMS) is mainstream. Check out Drupal, Plone, Ning, Wordpress. Even Userland's Manilla is still in business.

3/1/2002: Create & manage websites and discussions using only your web browser. Free trial sites enabled by Manila server-side software are available at manilasites.com .

Alan Greenspan on the "victims of progress".(1998-99)

Entertainment E-commerce: Will the "Undernet" disable it? Read about Freenet and the file format that started it all- MP3.

Keeping Carnivore Honest: email surveillance

Managing Computers



Dreaming Computers What do computers tell us about ourselves? Essays, abstracts, references.

"Artificial" intelligence? Alex says he's sorry.... (NYT, 10/9/99)

The debate over Internet standards continues, nested in the larger debate about the ownership and distribution of ideas.

1 Identify your computing needs.

Archive Analyze Collaborate Simulate Robotics • Bionics
Make sure all archives are transferred to new media/file formats before discarding old equipment and/or software.

mySQL:The best open-source SQL database server.

Content servers provide collaborative environments where content providers and webmasters can work simultaneously without stepping on each others toes: For open source content management platforms, check out Plone, and Drupal , built on Python (via Zope) and PHP respectively.

Check out web conferencing at DimDim .

Visit the Laboratory for Molecular Robotics at USC.

Hooking computers to the visual cortex of the brain produces artifical vision for the blind.

Stewart Brand and Danny Hillis' longnow.org explores how software obsolescence imperils digital archives: "We can read the technical correspondence from Galileo... but data from the pioneering days of the space program ... has already been lost."

2 Plan deployment, security, training, and maintenance

Purchase Network and Security Maintenance
Computer parts and equipment: NewEgg
Run diagnostics and update virus protection monthly. Diskwarrior is a great maintenance and recovery tool for the Mac. There's no real third party equivalent for Windows. Make sure Windows Update is turned on and running regularly.
An secure alternative to NCSA Telnet is SSH. Clients are available for Windows, Macintosh (NiftyTelnet 1.1 ssh), and Unix operating systems.

3 Track your operating system
Macs work! It's that simple... Microsoft is powerful. So is NT... UNIX is like driving clutch instead of automatic...very fast, very powerful, stable on the curves... but the learning curve is steep.
MacInTouch , Macfixit and MacOS Rumors cover Mac news, alerts, and solutions.

Apple Support online provides a searchable database of solutions.

Search Microsoft's support database for advise and downloadable fixes for all MS products.

Linux is a freeware implementation of Unix that transforms desktops into high-speed workstations, and runs mission-critical servers as well. It's a cultural as well as a computing phenomenon.

For more information on Linux's challenge to the marketplace, see NYT's For Sale: Free Operating System.(9/28/98) and a Microsoft assessment in The Halloween Document. (10/31/98). See also Tim O'Reilly's open letter to Microsoft, responding to the Halloween memo(s).

MacOS X software: High performance & stable Unix core is at the heart of Apple's software.
Check hardware and Windows software compatibility when contemplating any Windows system upgrade.


... Scan the horizon

Security Bandwidth The Farther Shore

Milw0rm's Attack on India's Nuclear facilities (6/98)

Electronic Civil Disobedience (on Wikipedia)

Electronic Civil Disobedience in 1998

interhack.net researches security issues. Their online pamphlets are clear and informative

Fact Sheet on ADSL andCable.

Check your bandwith with Speedtest

This interview with Eric Raymond and Tim O'Reilly (2/00) discusses the Open Source model and some of its underlying concepts, such as "distributed peer review"

The Cathedral and the Bazaar (1997) by Eric Raymond inspired Netscape to release its source code.

Berners-Lee invented the web in 1989 while working at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN). Here are his views on the potential of the Internet. For a biography and list of articles, see Berner-Lee's page on the W3 site.

Email Security Update

What are cookies, and why should you care?


Freeman Dyson calls a future in Wired. Both his ideas and those of his son, George, are featured in Kenneth Brower's The Starship and The Canoe (1983). George Dyson recently published a history of the idea that machines are capable of mind in Darwin Among the Machines (1997).

NTSecurity.net provides a current inventory of security issues for Windows platform and programs that run on Windows.

9/29/98: Seti "Astronomers Revive Scan..." at Arecibo for first time since 1993 loss of federal financing.

SETI@home is enlisting thousands of Internet-connected PCs to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It will sift data gathered by the Arecibo Radio Telescope as part of Project SERENDIP

Beowulf Project enables supercomputing by harnassing the power of multiple Intel processors running Linux over a network.

The world's smalled web server: A 1.6" by 1.7" board running 200 bytes of Linux is currently the world's smallest web server.


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