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World Economic Crises at the turn of the Millenium: What is happening, and why?

Globalization of markets, and its effects on workers and companies around the world, is part of a cycle of destruction and re-creation.

Greenspan: "It would be a great tragedy were we to stop the wheels of progress because of an incapacity to assist the victims of progress" (NYT, 4/17/99. Alan Greenspan in a speech to business executives and foreign ambassadors in Dallas, NYT P. B-15)

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Computerization outpaces peoples' ability to comprehend the pace of international financial activity.


Computerization is also (finally) promoting efficiencies and creating enormous new wealth.


How should we value currencies? Float or peg to the dollar? Or give up national currencies altogether?

"Last year's dominate economic story might be summed up this way: When currencies float, economies sink." (NYT, 1/2/99, Era May End For Floating Currencies by Joseph Kahn)

Will this turn out to be true for Brazil as well? Watch for rising inflation and ballooning debt. And keep an eye on Argentina, Brazil's major trading partner, which uses a currency board to set an exchange rate tied to the dollar.


2/25/99 Buck Doesn't Stop: Now Argentina May Adopt it by Clifford Krauss, NYT

Is the era of national currencies ending? If so, what sort of power, responsibility, and accountability will the US Federal Reserve wield during the transition?